Love illumines



We have been having fog here in the valley lately, and when it first appears I wonder if it will go, but soon when the sun starts to warm the day, it does dissipate.  Light comes again in our lives.

Every year we light our homes, our Xmas trees, the town centres and each time I enjoy the twinkles and ropes of bulbs high in the shopping centres, I remind myself of the origin of light in Christian terms… Christ light, brought to us to illumine our understanding, every day of the year, every moment we need it, there it is.  At this time we think of those in need, we bring our families close, we care for those far away and the world, for a moment in time, is aware of the peace of Love.  Have you noticed there is never much news on Christmas day!  All is calm, all is peace just for a little while and we can aspire to bring that into being all through the year for all mankind.

I wish you all great peace, love and a sense that wonderful gift of Christ’s light.


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