Crisp and even


This morning at the point of daybreak, the whole area was covered in frost, and as daylight broke it became frostier.  All night the moon had been shining brightly and the sky was very clear.  What a joy to be able to look out and see the skies and remind myself of the magnitude of God’s kingdom.  I never feel small in amongst the wonders, just part of it all, and very glad to be so.  It is hard not to look out and feel that ‘all is well’ with the world when the beauty is so evident.

But what about when the beauty isn’t evident?  We are bombarded with those pictures more than pictures of beauty, peace, harmony and uplift.  Why?  There is more beauty and harmony than we are led to believe.  Which picture do we want to be looking at?  Encouraging?  Embracing?  The true one of promise and wholeness that God created and that remains the same as it always has? Or the illusion of error that tries to take us away constantly from our true state of being?  It seems to win, yet it cannot.  God’s magnitude is immeasurable, greater than all else, and since it takes its place as such, cannot ever be dismantled, ruffled, blurred, replaced or disrupted.

We live in such a kingdom.  What an immense gift we have been given.  Thank you, God.


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