Moving onward


This church, near where I live and where I walk regularly, is very old.  I had friend to visit who was from America and we found a grave older than the ‘discovered’ USA.  He couldn’t get over it and I often laugh when I think how we know the age of things only in reference to something else.  We can’t really compute dinosaurs’ dates of being, but we can the birth of a country.

It is now nearing the end of February and this photo shows the most clear skies I have seen in a while.  I can look forward, in time, to spring and then summer.  This church may be over a thousand years old, or at least on a site from c970.  It has been this way since the 14th century.  It is in the village called Sourton which is on the moors, and is called St. Thomas à Becket. They still hold services there.

‘A moorside church, to Tors akin, Grey without and calm within’, in the words of Rev A Hunter, vicar of Sourton 1953-1963.

When you get to thinking in these terms of time, it ceases to have a meaning that we can truly grasp.  Like God.  We can’t truly grasp what that is.  But we know something divine when we see it and this time the year I am seeing divine skies, frosty grass, tiny bulbs poking through the soil and the cycle of the beauty on the moor going into another season and another way of expression of God’s being and creation.



1 thought on “Moving onward

  1. The cool clear crisp morning sun, at the other end of Devon, sets the tone for my day, thank you for sharing your vision for your day.



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