Feathers of Cold

Bubble in Snow

This quiet and mesmeric gentle video of a bubble slowly becoming frozen is lovely to watch again and again.  It is quite unexpected,  The first time I saw it I was amazed at the effect of the freezing air on the soap bubble.  The creeping ice feathers slowly transform the bubble into something even more beautiful than it already is.

Isn’t that like us, as the reflection of God?  More beautiful than we know?  We see ourselves often as such faulty items. God never does.  He only ever sees the beauty of his creation, expanding and expressing moment by moment, with the full joy of his love constantly transforming our lives, whether we see it or not.

Recently I had the chance to think more about this, when I was mentally cataloguing my faults.  Suddenly I thought, ‘No, I am not going to be doing this to myself.  God doesn’t and I am not going to.’  To most of us we can’t be so seemingly big-headed about ourselves, but it is deeper than that.  We can be less acknowledging of our lack and more welcoming in our thought to our beauty of being, and not spend time slagging off God’s delightful soul.  How rude! Would we look at our baby, child or creation of any other sort and be quite so damning?  I don’t think so.  So we need to be wary of any thoughts that put us down, that threaten to dampen the wholeness of who we are at every moment, and notice that ‘more than beautiful’ nature of our being.  This doesn’t mean we don’t attend to our faults as we need to, but they don’t need to be trumpeted mentally, or verbally, just dealt with and dispensed with.  Transformed.


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