Climbing or descending?


Last week I went along for the ride with a friend of mine and we visited Devon’s steepest village, Clovelly.   Pretty and picturesque is how it is often described.  Agonising on the legs isn’t one they advertise!!!  It has a steep hill that runs through the village that no vehicle can navigate, wooden sleds (and donkeys) are used to drag  groceries up and down to the homes and the correct mathematical gradient number for the steepness is 1:7.  Yes, that is steep.  I wasn’t sure who was helping who down, we were both clinging on to each other for dear life.  But it was so funny.  Stepping baby steps as we went, we looked up every five shuffles at the delightful cottages, the pretty hanging baskets and we could imagine  the life that has been lived there for centuries.  It was a thriving fishing village for several hundred years, herring was its industry and now it has been replaced by tourism.  At the bottom of the steps I was amused to see a sign for a defibrillator!

With both of us being of a prayerful nature none of these difficulties had any impact on us and we enjoyed a cuppa on the quay at the base of the hill.  Whichever way you look at the incline it brings a smile to your face.  We did descend, but we were ascending in delight.

I often find that the case when I am working out a problem through prayer.  Though I can be in the slough of despond, as I work through the issue, I begin to ascend to that place where All is Well.  And then the place where I started out is of no significance any more because I have returned to where Truth stands.  And it feels like I was never away.





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