The other day I wanted freedom from ‘wanting’.  I wrote list of things I would like healed and I realised I just wanted to be free of the constraining thoughts that suggested I was stuck, unhealed or not whole in some way.  I somehow didn’t want the things themselves, I just wanted to be free, as God’s man, to enjoy my birthright and dominion over all.

I woke up today and thought,’ Gosh, I feel wonderfully free,’ but not of anything in particular.  Just aware I was now feeling a sense of liberty.  I often write notes on things and forget them, and only happen upon them later.  These initial notes were made ten days ago, and in that time things have shifted, new ideas come to mind, new books dropped into my life to inspire me and I was amazed to realise I had asked for this freedom and now had it.

You can have it.  It’s yours anyway.  Why not just be aware of it, take note that there is such a thing as your birthright, to all manner of good stuff, and watch how it starts to become a reality in your daily life.

Rejoice.  And let me know how delightful life truly is for you.




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