The summer is staying



We have really had a warm few weeks, and yesterday the most wonderful downpours that were very much needed by the farmers here.  Things was getting brown and dry and you could almost hear the plants calling out for water.  After a very torrential hour or two yesterday the land has sprung to life again and I was sure the grass has grown another three inches.  Since I live in England we are rarely short of water and a hot summer can put the country into a bit of chaos.  I know many countries suffer frequently when there is a drought.  My brother lives in South Africa and they are all united when praying for rain.  I have never known the prayers to fail, even if it takes consecrated time.

Mary Baker Eddy said: “The weather expresses our concept of it and can be handled as any claim if you do not hold it as something apart from you, governed by some other power or almanac. God governs all. This is the way Jesus stilled the tempest” (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Expanded Edition, Volume II, p. 287).  We can pray about the weather, a balance is always maintained in God’s kingdom.  It isn’t something we need to fear, or shy away from dealing with, any more than we do any disruption of God’s goodness.  Many testimonies have been written about the saving power of prayer (see regarding the weather.

It all serves to remind us not to let anything slip by, or accepted as inevitable.  Nothing is too big, or too ‘out of our comfort zone’ – healing is possible, healing is worthwhile, healing is amazing! Let me know your healings big and small.  And have a ‘holy’ day today whatever your weather is.





1 thought on “The summer is staying

  1. Funny, I was just checking Charton Manor website for your talk, and there you were in my inbox!

    That sure would make a great DL. I get tired of hearing folks complain about the weather, and want to day, “Do something about it!” And you did!

    Whassup in your life. We think about and talk about you lots…

    All love, c





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