I recently had a family guest and we had a very special spiritual time together sharing ideas.  After he left I was clearing the spare room and, tucked away in a place I wouldn’t see easily, I found this tiny elephant!  No, I won’t forget you, ever.

How wonderfully blessed I feel to have loving family members, what a joy that is.  I have links now to four families.  My own, spread around in England and South Africa, my Indian husband’s in England, America and India, with whom I had my children, my new husband who, like me, was widowed, and now I have a brand new one, my son’s new wife’s family, living in England and Italy.  It is interesting during the passage of life’s journey to see things from different perspectives as one progresses and life unfolds new experiences and challenges.  Oh, those challenges don’t stop do they?!

In those challenging times, I say, smiling to myself, a South African expression used by the Servicemen nearing the end of their conscription –  ‘Vasbyt, min dae’ which is Afrikaans for ‘hold on, nearly there.’  Literally, to bite down and hold on.  Although in prayer answers and healing are always present in the moment,  we do need to hold on to those truths, keep working through the suggestions that come to sway us away from love, truth, life, joy, substance etc and we do get to ‘the peace that passeth all understanding.’

Thank you, God, for all your loving care, especially during challenging times.

Let me know what you are grateful for today.


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