Up and away


I have just had a lovely time this last month, on leave, and have spent it with friends and family, going out and about around the county during this very warm summer.

One of the places that makes me think of the Garden of Eden, in my imagination, is this one above, called ‘The Garden House’ in Buckland Monachorum, about half an hour from where I live, and also on Dartmoor.

Buckland Abbey is nearby and in 1305 a house was built for the parish priest on this site.    A modern vicarage was built in the 1920s and The Garden House and the ten acre site was sold as a private house. It was sold again after the Second World War and then renovated and run as a thriving market garden business and now is open to the public to share and enjoy what nature and great gardeners have created.

The love and care that go into this beautiful piece of land is extraordinary.  I am not a green-fingered person by any means so I especially appreciate the patience that is required.  It certainly shows when spring and summer come around and life starts to blossom and colour the world again.

I also had time-out for my own renewal and spiritual uplift with God.  Times of gentle listening, peace, and growth are invaluable and sometimes I find, in these precious moments with God, that indescribable sense of majesty and at-one-ness that makes me almost breathless.

We are never on ‘leave’ from God and what a sense care I take from this truth.  Wholly in Her loving kindness, wrapped in swathes of love and joy, given Life to live and express, it is always a privilege to be a creation of the Divine.  Permanently.

I hope you enjoy your Divine day today, wherever you are, in your own ‘Garden of Eden’.



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