It’s the time of year, in the run up to Christmas, that people see the word ‘Peace’ around them more than any other time of the year.  Christmas Day itself is often very peaceful, for large parts of the world.  But not every part.  And not every person has that picture postcard type of Christmas.  But I was thinking how good it would be to expand thoughts of peace throughout the year, whether there is a card saying so or not.

From feeling at peace comes a sense of wellbeing, a love for mankind, an outpouring of compassion and a knowledge that we are all one.  That’s worth spending more time with and expressing.

Peace to you all now, throughout the Christmas season, and for all of January, next year, and further into infinity.

1 thought on “Peace

  1. Shelley: What a good reminder of Christmas being all year long! Now, if we just put it in practice… thx

    All loveCate




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