New Year’s Revolution


We can revolutionise our lives, our world, by seeing things differently.  This tree was painted by an artist in the landscape here in Devon and it is mesmerising because it jolts  thought into seeing or ‘re-cognising’ a tree in a new way.

As a Christian Scientist it is a privilege to be acquainted with this paragraph by Mary Baker Eddy:

It is well that the upper portions of the brain represent the higher moral sentiments, as if hope were ever prophesying thus: The human mind will sometime rise above all material and physical sense, exchanging it for spiritual perception, and exchanging human concepts for the divine consciousness. Then man will recognise his God-given dominion and being.(S&H 531:8)

This is the revolution we can take part in right now.   This ‘sometime’ is possible NOW. We have what we need to do this.  We can rise and see our God-given dominion.  It is there, here and now.  Why wait?

Blessings to you all.


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