It’s all about the thanks, ’bout the thanks.


During my prayers I am aware of the overflow of gratitude I feel, and it doesn’t even seem to come from me, but flow and flow, unbidden.  Jesus thanked God prior to the abundant expression of food for the masses, the loaves and the fishes. He also did it at the last supper.  His trust was so complete that he was able to thank God in advance of good.

Somehow just being aware of the magnitude of God can make one feel awed and then drawn to glorify Him by expressing good even more.  ‘Thank you’ feels so inadequate for what we ‘are about to receive’ yet it is utterly sufficient in its simplicity.

I had a mousemat made with those very words on it.  I look at it many times during the day in my office, it’s the first thing I see because the colours are so striking and it immediately makes me feel humble and loved.  Can I ever give back all the good received? No, but every day I can hope to make a small dent and the pleasure is all mine!

I wish you all the good that God has for us all, I wish you abundance in every part of your being and may you also be filled with the wonderful feeling of gratitude.

Thank YOU!





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