Illusion Confusion



Wow, the news is getting to be an open-mouthed shocker day after day.  I know there are rumblings while dross is brought to the surface, a known sign of imminent healing.  The pictures we are presented with are outrageous. OUTRAGEOUS.   Wrong committals, robbers running free, miscreants laughing at judges, murderers running amok.  People accepting wrong as right.  And subtle stuff, too, that makes you even wonder if you have it wrong. But what is all this really saying?

It is bringing to our attention that we need to double our efforts to know that none of this is true to God, good, the only one cause and creator, the only effect, the one Mind.   And if it doesn’t have Her stamp of approval, it doesn’t have life.  It has nothing, is nothing. We can join together to only accept what God would.   We all have a right to justice, harmony, and peace.  Let our feathers not become ruffled by the illusion.  Let our mind be His Mind, our life, His Life.  Let us watch and pray for the truth to be brought to the surface, to the acknowledgement of the nothingness of evil and the reinstatement in our thought, of God’s  creation ‘… And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Gen. 1:31)’.  Not just good, but very good.  We must make it our duty to hold to that firm commitment that God already made.  It is done.  Nothing undid it. Ever.  Illusion? Big deal.


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