Good on us

Recently I was walking along a nearby beach, when I came across this rock formation.  It was stunning and the most unusual colours and shape.  On closer inspection, it wasn’t a rock formation, but stones encased in strips of  iron used as a wave breaker on the beach.  At least that is what I have been able to work out.  I grew up on Jersey, the 4 by 12 miles Channel Isle, and on those beaches there were many left-over sea defences from the second World War, so I was used to finding lumps of odd shaped concrete, stones or rocks.  This beach was not a channel beach so had no need of defences and this particular coloured stone was unusual.  I have not been able to work out exactly what shape it was when it started out but it certainly has maintained its strength and broken the effect of those waves on the shoreline.  I considered it a piece of found art.  Just a bit too heavy for me to bring home!

It peacefully reminded me that there are many things that seem to be one thing and turn out to be another.  In Christian Science healing we often start off seeing one way and end up with a new view.  The toothache that vanished, the sore muscles that resumed their action comfortably, the annoying person who somehow wasn’t so bad after all with a change of thought.  It isn’t about perfecting life, and being, and the self, so much as bringing to light what is already there in a beautiful way.  The ‘good’ that God is. The good already created.

Christ always brought the light of Truth to every situation and every soul.  And in so doing it shone brighter than the mistaken opposite.  That light still does that, every time we allow what isn’t harmonious to vanish and reveal what IS.

After all, God did say that what he made was good.  Very good.

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. …”
(Genesis 1:31 (to 1st .)

What’s your ‘good’ today?

1 thought on “Good on us

  1. Oh, Shelley, yippee, hooray… just beautiful! Thx for sharing!

    We move to Bristol next week and hope you’ll come to see us. Here’s how to get to our new house: Portishead marina!!!!!

    All love, Cate




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