Gentle progress



We are moving toward a new season.  Today is the meteorological first day of Autumn.  The northern hemisphere – Autumn,  southern – Spring.  There is a wonderful sense of change in how we see God’s creation, and a loving gentleness in that movement. Every day there is something more of this eternal kingdom, Garden of Eden, to learn more about, see or experience.  Each dawning day is ‘big with blessings’.

The world has gone from fear and isolation, to moving forward with fresh ways of engaging, rising thought, innovation and taking up the challenge of how we can step gently on this world, lovingly encompass our fellow man, and bring out the true nature of God’s man by expressing Her qualities of Love, Truth, Life, joy, freedom, creativity.

I sat on the side of the stream near where I live, here on Dartmoor, after a good hike. The sound of the water running by was so refreshing.  The same stones, but different water.  I put on my costume and played and lay in a shallow part of the stream.  The water has to travel from on top of the moors through peat so the water has a bronze haze to it.  It washed away all the strains I didn’t know I was carrying, and left me feeling new, cleansed and entirely free.  The effect was quite extraordinary.  God’s provision of such beauty exists everywhere at any time.  He provides the blessings.  We can benefit from all that is on offer.  It is there.  For us.  Now.

Blessings to you all.


2 thoughts on “Gentle progress

  1. Oh, Shel! How glorious! Uhhh… my iPad isn’t working (fingers crossed behind my back), would you come read it to me. Portishead Marina, BS20 7DF…C





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