Eyes open wide

When we pray, in Christian Science, to heal, one thing we have to keep in mind is that we are really asking to see what is already so. In the Bible we are told, in Genesis, that we are created in the image and likeness of God. So, in my mind’s eye I ask to see that very thing. Since understanding is seeing, I ask ‘What must I understand, God, in order that I can properly see myself as your expression?’

Do I look different from the image and likeness of Her? Interestingly, when we spiritually consider what we reflect, we don’t consider the hair colour, the height in inches, but we do consider the qualities. If we seek to understand more of our being, we only need to think of God’s qualities, and then we immediately know we reflect them, know that we are them, and they are us. We obviously can’t actually help but be them, can we?

The one thing we reflect more than all else, which shines brightly above, below, around, to the side … is Divine Love. And that naturally dispels any smudge on the glass, any impurity of thought, any misunderstanding of our being. There is nothing more powerful than Divine Love infusing our soul with the wholeness of our being, the truth of it, the principle of it, the spirit of it, substance of it, the life of it, the All in All of it.

My Mom used to say to me, when I was going forward to something new and unknown ‘The force behind you is greater than the force in front of you’ and that’s such a helpful line. She was right, because with that force and power, we are All in All. Nothing can stop God expressing itself. In all its glory and power, humility and joy, love and warmth, compassion and creativity, energy and peace.

I recently went to a Lecture by Christian Science lecturer, Phillip Hockley, where this idea of reflection was so well communicated and expanded on … so if you would like more on this idea of reflection that Mary Baker Eddy talked about in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures – here is the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjfW_JaUnbc

1 thought on “Eyes open wide

  1. Please send your writings in for all to read. U R a fabulous, hit the nail on the head, writer.





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