Let’s decamp to the Garden of Eden

Sometimes it’s hard to stay where we are with our challenges and trials, and not want to pack our bags and move to the Garden of Eden, spending time looking at the flora and fauna, chatting with friends and enjoying wonderful inspiration while we stroll around in such heavenly surroundings.

I have learned that the whole point of life is to bring this sense of the Garden of Eden into our experience as we go through those challenges and realise we are so loved by God, so held by Her peace and harmony, so very protected with that Divine armour, always led to Truth and Principle, always capable of what we need to do, even if we don’t think so at the time.

It can seem as if the Garden is just behind a veil or a mist or fog, and while we work towards uncovering more of God’s kingdom, more of Spiritual man, more of his blessings we can sense that unreality just fading away and what we knew and had all the the time makes itself known.

This week I had a glimpse of that while working on a challenge myself. As I prayed, I understood that the only power was God’s and the only effect of that power would have to be good. I wasn’t trying to fix a thing, but fix my thinking. The mist that had blocked my way and clouded my view began to clear and I found myself metaphorically in the Garden of Eden again.

This hymn helped:

God’s eternal Word is spoken,
Piercing mists, around, above;
Of eternal might the token,
Emblem of eternal Love;
Out of darkness, world-enthralling,
Into Light, O hear it calling.

Word of God, O Word eternal,
May we hear thy living voice,
Learn the power of Love supernal,
Learn obedience,-and rejoice;
God’s commands forever heeding,
Follow where His love is leading.

(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 84:1, 2)

I hope you spend more time in the Garden of Eden, too.

4 thoughts on “Let’s decamp to the Garden of Eden

  1. Thanks Shelley, love the idea of bringing gardens into our spiritual thoughts. “An old tree always produces new bright leaves.”
    Love Soozi x



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