Every day is a new day

I love that we get to start over each day. We don’t have to carry over our mistakes. It’s the same for the New year. No carrying on in the same ways that don’t work but a chance to be closer to God. Clearer at receiving Her gifts. Expectant of ongoing and abundant love, provision, supply, ideas, assistance, uplift. And more!

It’s always there. We can choose to make better choices every day. And every day see the benefit of that.

I like this quote from the Bible:  ‘And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten …’ (Joel 2:25). So that even when we do make mistakes and they cost us in some way, the very next day(or moment) we have a chance to make a different choice about how we think and behave, and then to act like we are the children of God, joint heirs with Christ and as such live and enjoy the infinite wonders of the Father’s Kingdom which is his pleasure to give us.

At all times, in beautiful ways we can’t always fathom.

This makes me sigh with awe. I hope it does you, too! ~ Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Every day is a new day


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