Sunset on the edge of the hamlet where I live

‘Love is everything’ we are told. It runs the world, makes it go round. It also holds things together, inspires minds, reminds us we are One. It brings an ineffable feeling when we connect. Love doesn’t exist on its own, it exists in connection, expression and being.

In my work I see words about love, acts that indicate love is understood and expressed, but sometimes I see a lack of love in the person for themselves as God’s creation. They don’t love themselves, not in a selfish way, but in a way that recognises they are united within Universal good, God. They are God, expressed. They somehow leave themselves outside of that Divine Love and abundance of All that Is. Outside of the care that is there. How can they be outside of All in All?

Separated from Love Divine, because they don’t include themselves in the abundance of life, they are good at seeing it in others but they miss their place in God’s kingdom. If they can see they are part of that Love, they will see they cannot be in pain, stress, illness, dis-ease of any sort. To love the individual they are, the individual expression of God, as each one of us has been created to be, they will see they are inside, not outside of All is Well. They are an expression of the Great I AM. They were born into that, their birthright is Love and their home is Love. It has never been anything else. It is a disservice not to love ourselves and understand completely what they really means. To love the individual God created, is to de-personify that all-encompassing Love that runs the show. It is there. It is you. You are it. Everyone is in it together. No one can be separate from God’s love, it’s like trying to separate the voice from the song. The answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ is to know there is no separation but there is individual expression. There is a difference. Each one of us expresses different unique qualities, in addition to the many that are common to all. If we are of One then there is nothing else. It is as simple at that.

We just need to get in the right lane.

If you don’t know it … You are loved. Beyond all human understanding. You are always under the wings of the Almighty. You shine the Love that is ineffable. You have Love above, around, below, within. You cannot be apart from it. You can never be separated. Now you can see how lovely it is to love that truth. That’s you loving yourself. And suddenly, the door is open to truly love one another. Naturally. Just as dawn breaks.

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