Lecture Links I like


This is a recent one, by Laurence R. Doyle PHD, who works at SETI and talks of Metaphysics and Physics from a physicist/Christian Scientist point of view. The first link is a Christmas Eve lecture (2021) and the second is the Q & A from that lecture.



There are some wonderful lectures that have been an inspiration to me over the years and so I have listed them below with a short description.

Jon Benson – Step out of your story and into healing

This is a very good lecture explaining the basis of who we are and how healing works and why.

Col. Janet Horton – Christian Science Chaplain – One Grand Brotherhood

Inspirational address –  Col Horton talks of her challenges in her work, being at the Pentagon on 9/11 and her joy being a Chaplain.

Phillip Hockey instantly healed from disabilities

Radio talk regarding Phillip’s visit to a lecture, reluctantly, and the healing that followed

Christian Science Lectures has many lectures from Christian Science Lecturers over the years, all of them inspiring and uplifting.

You Tube has a channel called Prayer that Heals which features videos of many Christian Science lectures.